DIY Christmas Sweaters

Hello everyone! Can ya'll believe that this year is about to be over? I find it so hard to believe but it is true what they say, time sure does fly when you are having fun. So last year I wanted to make our own ugly Christmas sweaters but by the time I convinced the Mr. to do it with me it was way too late and we were already heading to TX for Christmas. I ended up buying some ugly sweaters that I found at the home improvement store out of all places. This year I had plenty of time and my creativity sure did run wild. Keep reading to see what I did. I feel like I have been planning this for the last year. I looked and looked everywhere to get ideas and we both finally decided between ugly, cute, tacky and funny sweaters. 

I bought us black pull over sweaters at Wal-Mart and they were about 7 bucks a piece. I had somewhat of a plan when I walked into Hobby Lobby for the rest of the materials, but then I saw all of the cute stuff and my mind went blank. Then I ran into this little guy....

And It was all over from here. I was so inspired by him and it went perfectly with the "elf" theme that we were going for that I started gathering stuff to try to make something resembling this cute little guy. I ended up spending $21 on materials by the time I was done. 

Hobby Lobby has these felt packages and let me tell you, I had so much material left over that I could have made about 36 more sweaters. As you can see I ended up buying fabric glue bit I used it for about a full minute before I gave up and decided to just go with a hot glue gun. Please use a hot glue gun. I could not find single plastic candy canes in the whole entire store so I just went with some pipe cleaners and then for the buttons I used gold little pom-pom's. The three pieces of fabric on the left hand side were about 50 cents, the fabric department lady told me that they are cut in the smallest size that they can cut it. So here we go. 

I suggest getting some notebook paper and cutting out the shape that you want and put it on the sweater before you actually start cutting the felt material. Once I got the size and shape down, I traced the notebook paper onto the felt and then cut it out.

When it came down to gluing it on the sweater I put it down backwards so the pen marks from the tracing would not show. Also, I assembled most of the little elf before I actually glued it down on the sweater. It gives you a little wiggle room if you make mistakes. 

I wanted to make my elf a little more girly of course, so I added a sparkly skirt. I added a strip of hot glue and then just bunched up the tulle to make it look a little ruffled. 

Then I added the little stockings ON TOP of the skirt because obviously you would wear a skirt over stockings and not under lol. 

I could not find a material similar to what the little elf had but this one was just as cute. All I did was fold it in half twice and cut it enough so that I could glue it to the back part of the dress so there would not be any fraying. After I measured it, I took a pipe cleaner, cut it in half since it was a bit long and just curved it like a candy cane and glued it to the inside of the belt and glued everything together. I added a gold pom-pom as a little belt buckle. 

I cut the stockings so they could be the same length and cut out pointy elf shoes. Really I just traced one and used the outline for the other so they could look even. I cut the little socks in a triangle pattern like the collar and secured it with hot glue to the shoes. 

I glued the entire elf to the sweater and added the collar at the very end. I also glued little jingle bells to each of the triangles. The pom-pom's were added to make little buttons and also at the end of the shoes. I found Christmas type stickers and added them to the sides. What is an elf without a tree and presents right?!

I was not going to put arms on it, but realized it looked kind of weird. I cut out a "boomerang" type shape from the same fabric as the stockings and just glued it down. 

I did the same exact thing for the "boy" elf. I just gave him a "candy" belly and some shorts. 
I hope ya'll enjoyed my post and hopefully it inspires you to make some cute sweaters as well. 
Thank you for stopping by. 

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