DIY Pinata Couple Costume

Hello! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween this year. This has got to be one of my top 3 Holidays out of the year for sure. A day where you can wear something really out there and not care if you looked like you escaped from the loony bin. I am the person that tries to go all out. My boyfriend...not so much. Good thing is, he will agree with me and let me go crazy as long as he gets the bare minimum, yay for compromise. We had so many good ideas and at the end of the day while looking through, of course, Pinterest, we thought it would be so fun ( I was so naive) to be "the pinata couple" we did not know what else to call ourselves. So if you are interested or would like some ideas for next year, keep on reading.

I went to the dollar store and bought 9 packets of the assorted tissue paper sheets. I did not know how many I was going to be needing and when it was all said and done I only ended up using 3 packets. 

When I opened the paper up, there where 2 of each color and instead of separating them,to make my life easier all I did was cut along the folds it already color pair at a time. To me, it was a very wide piece of paper so I folded it in half. You can of course make it as thick or as small as you want. I wanted lots of color and fringe so I went for the smaller route.

After you fold it in half to get a small width, you are going to keep folding it length wise until you end up with about a 1 inch square. This makes it so  much easier when it comes time to cut the fringe. 

Next just grab your scissors and go to town on cutting little strips on the "free side", not the side that is still folded when we made the wide piece smaller. 

And that's it. Just sit down, grab some wine and put on something good to watch because this might take a bit. When you open it back up, you should have two similar pieces of what ever color you choose to make your costume. 

So first I knew that I wanted a long sleeve dress because after all we do live in Ohio and it gets chilly. You'll find out soon enough that the sleeves went out the window very quickly. We went to the thrift store to try to find him a poncho, a sombrero and a dress for me. Please don't use a dress you plan on wearing again because trust me there is no coming back. 

So I found this pretty little gem! I figured the ruffles it already had would give the final product more bounce, and it did for the most part. You are going to want to put a big piece of cardboard inside or something to stretch the dress out. If you don't stretch it first, you are going to be gluing the tissue paper as is and when it comes time to put it on it will break or you will notice that it has a lot of gaps where the material stretched.

I used spray adhesive because it is what I had handy. It did its job but I would not recommend it. The strips stayed on the dress but if even a little corner came off the whole strip followed. I ended up using fabric glue only for the pieces that started falling apart, which wasn't that many but I am sure I could have avoided this if I had used fabric glue in the first place. 

Starting from the bottom I sprayed an entire section and started to attach my strip. To get more of a "pinata" effect stack the strips where the other ends not just directly on top of each other.

I just kept repeating the process all the way up to the top. When I got to the top instead of doing thick stripes of color started stacking the color strips 2 at a time following the same color pattern as I was doing at the bottom of the dress. I did not take a picture but to work around the neck line, just glue the strip down and leave some extra. When you are all done just trim off the excess and cut along your dress neck line. 

Most of the costumes that I saw online had some sort of party hat head piece. I don't know about you but I do not find party hats to be very comfortable. Since I was already at the dollar store I bought one of those stick on ribbons that you would but on a present. 

I just took the backing off and stuck it to an old headband of mine and there you have it, a headpiece. 

By the time I finished the dress, I was so over tissue paper that I just ended up cutting the sleeves. I loved it so much better this way. When I put on the dress there were some gaps in the hip area where I had not stretched it enough so all I did was take some leftover corresponding color, cut it to the size of the gap and just stuck it on with glue. 

We got so many compliments on this costume and it was so much fun. Since the Mr. wanted the bare minimum, all I did was buy a fringe blanket at the thrift store and cut a hole for his head. I used my broom stick and did the same thing I did with the dress with the leftover tissue paper and bought him a sombrero at the costume store. I was a little chilly that night so I went to Hot Topic and bought some colorful socks. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. We had a lot of fun for Halloween as well as making the costume. Thanks for reading and see you next time. 


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