Does any one else get a mini panic attack when you are asked to say a little about yourself? Well this is my mini panic attack and ya'll are all invited!

Hello there, my name is Bere (bed-eh) << since not many people can roll their "R's" you're welcome :) and thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Texas girl taking on the lovely state of Ohio with my boyfriend our little dog. Leaving Texas and our families behind for the next couple of years was not an easy decision at all but it was a great opportunity and a good change of scenery for the both of us. I am going to school full time in hopes to finally finish and become and RN (I am on that 10 year plan ya' know!) Being up here I was in desperate need of a creative outlet and after many years of seriously cyber stalking some of my favorite blogs I decided to finally jump my insecurity/what the heck am I going to write about ship and give it a go.

I was born in Mexico but I have no idea about it, I wish I knew more. I didn't go back until I was like 14 and for a week at a time during holidays. I do speak perfect Spanish and can cook some good Mexican food.

I am 5 ft tall and my boyfriend is 6'3. Short people problems!

My feet are constantly at a nice -40 degrees, Seriously!

Favorite hobby is putting them on my boyfriends back or thigh.

I sing in the car like I am freakin' Beyoncé.

Can't do math for the life of me but if you ever need to know where your pituitary gland sits on in your skull then I am your gal!

Healthy twenty something thanks to Flinstone vitamins and tons of whole milk.

Breakfast is when ever I wake up or the first meal of the day, which ever comes first.

Waffle House and Whataburger have my heart. Sorry babe

I cry.....a lot.... chick flicks and some not as well as sad commercials. It's seriously and issue ya'll.

I binge watch TV or Netflix like there's no tomorrow. Once I am hooked goodbye day!

I know I am not the only one! Any other questions just ask. Thank you for listening to my random little rant about well...myself!

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