Grocery Bag Organization

I can be a little OCD sometimes...just sometimes.. ok maybe all the time who am I  kidding. I used to be one of those people a long time ago that shoved all of the grocery bags in one bag. Yes it's fast but I quickly realized that it's so messy in a way and it just takes up so much room in the closet or where ever it is that you store them and if that works for you then keep doing what works but if you want to know how I keep my grocery bags (any plastic bag really) organized, keep reading!
^This makes me itch                 ^This makes me happy
I've been folding my plastic bags for years now and let me tell you it makes my life a little easier. I don't have to look for the bags because I know exactly where they are and I don't have to wrestle with them trying to separate the bag I need or what ever it is they do when they are all shoved in one bag.
1. After I finish putting away the groceries I put the bags that I want to keep to the side. I don't keep the ones that are all wet or have holes in them and they end up looking like this.
 2. Open the bag and set it flat on the counter or where ever you are going to fold them.
3. Start folding!
 pretend you are making a little fan!
4. Once the bag is folded- start wrapping it around your fingers like so..

5. After you wrapped it around your fingers you should have the handles of the bag sticking out like so..


6. To finish just tuck the handles into the space where you had your fingers and done!

I know this seems like a lot but it seriously took me 4-5 seconds to fold one bag. It just makes my life a little more organized and after I am done folding them I just throw them into a little basket I bought at the dollar store. When people come over and see what I do to the bags they give me a weird look but once they see how easy it is they cross over to the OCD side. Conquering the world one bag at a time ha!

How do you store your plastic bags? Hope you enjoyed and thank you for stopping by.



Two Tone Table

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been M.I.A lately. This cold and rainy Ohio weather makes it very difficult to get off the couch and do anything but be  under the covers dry and warm. I never thought I would say this but Oh. My. Gosh. I miss the inappropriately hot and humid Texas weather. It snowed here on Halloween...SNOWED!!! seriously?
Our apartment was seriously starting to look like a thrift store furniture section with nothing but mismatched random pieces of furniture, talk about 50 shades of wood. So I had enough and decided to dust off my creative hat and get on with it.
Our cable box was just sitting on the carpet, making me itch and getting on my last nerves. I found this little beauty a couple of months ago and I loved it, especially because it was $9.00 and the perfect size for our itty bitty space.
I see your potential little one!!
I gave it a good cleaning and sanded the tops to the bare wood since I knew that I wanted to go the same route as the dresser and stain them. I did not. I repeat. DID.NOT. sand the bottoms because the tops kicked my butt. I will keep ya'll posted as to how well this holds up.
 I taped where the tops meet the poles just so I won't get paint on the tops because let's be real ya'll I have no idea what I am doing with a paintbrush.
I forgot to take pictures in my state of "oh my gosh I am so going to have to redo this because it's not going to stick" but it did. We will see how well it holds up. Live and learn.

I used this primer because it has always worked for me and I read all over the blogosphere that it sticks to ANTHING without sanding.

 This is what it looked like after two coats of primer and three light coats of paint.
I bought the paint at my towns version of Home Depot I suppose, it's called Menard's. I wanted a white but not super bright white. I settled for this shade called "popcorn" in satin.
And the ugly duckling is no more! I stained the tops with Jacobean like the dresser but I am guessing it looks darker because it's a different kind of wood. I only did one coat of stain because it was definitely dark enough for me. 
 Isn't she just DARLING!!!!!
The wires are just making me itch, please disregard! I sealed it with polycrylic in satin because this is about as much use as it's going to get.
Hope you enjoyed and see you soon. Thank you for stopping by.