Dresser Re-Do

When we decided to get up and move across the country, all we did was pack up the furniture in our apartment and put it in storage since we did not know exactly where we were going to be. We packed up our cars and took off! Once we got here we lived in the shadiest hotel EVER! Let me describe that for you real quick. Imagine a dark hallway with a giant hole in the middle of the hallway that is basically just being "covered" by the carpet. You finally find your room number only to realize that its written in permanent marker on the wallpaper wall. Ah! good times.

Any who, when I finally found us an apartment all we had was a blow up mattress and a TV (priorities) so off to the thrift store I went. I found this little baby at the local thrift store for $40 bucks but it didn't fit in my little car. So I went back prepared and to my happy surprise it was on sale for 20 bucks!!!!! My lucky day for sure.

I was very scared about taking this on. My very first adventure of DIY/painting furniture was HORRIBLE. I bit off more than a could chew and painted a gigantic dining room table the perfect shade of dirt brown. But we have grown since then and decided to give it another try.
After hours of searching Pinterest (where else) I found this little number for inspiration.
I removed the drawers, hardware and gave her a good little cleaning and a quick little sanding. I focused mainly on the top and drawers because the sides where some type of particle board.

Now, technically you're not supposed to use white primer for black paint jobs but I had it handy and went with it. This was after two coats of primer.

Then the first coat of paint. I used Glidden Deep Onyx in satin.

For the drawers I originally wanted to go with Minwax Jacobean but I was at Ace Hardware and saw that they were having a sale on their stains and they also had Jacobean, so I decided to just get it.

Three coats of paint and stain TADAH!!!!!! I kept the same hardware on the top drawer and went with a similar color for these bin pulls. I sealed it with two coats of  Polycrylic in clear satin.

Not bad for my $20 little find.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did sharing. Any questions feel free to ask. Till next time.

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