DIY Wall Art

After my dresser triumph, I decided to make our little room a little pretty. If it was up to the boyfriend we would still be sleeping on a blow up mattress with no type of accessories anywhere. I really did feel like we needed something on the wall so I was a woman on a mission.

I wanted to get really creative and do something with some type of re-purposed window with some type of pretty quote on it. After failed efforts to finding an old window and not finding the size that I wanted for our small bedroom, I refused to give up hope. I went to where else, the land of forgotten goodies also known as the thrift store. I found this picture frame in the loveliest shade of lime green. It had a drawing of a peach so I just removed the backing and the drawing itself because I fell in love with the fame and it was the perfect size.

I printed out the quote that I wanted, he and I are always telling each other "love you more" I believe I used font size 160 and made it bold.
They have these really cool markers for glass at Hobby Lobby and I am sure at every other arts and crafts store. I got it for $3. Now there are two kinds: one kind that you have to put in the oven to cure it or something but I just got the regular one since I could not put my frame in the oven. With my luck I would burn the apartment down. I got some cheap little brushes and some acrylic pain in "white wash"

I didn't take any pictures of the process because honestly I did not think it would turn out so great. I cut up the letters and taped them to the FRONT of the frame, I wanted to keep the glossiness of the glass. After they were all taped up and in place, all I did was trace the letters carefully and filled them in with the marker. If you mess up you can wipe it off with your finger quite easily. It kind of feels like dry erase markers before it dries completely.

I wanted to tone down the lovely shade of lime green a bit so I started sanding it down. This paint just would not come off!!!! So I left it alone for a couple of days and it kind of grew on  me. I just went over it with white paint diluted in a little bit of water to give it a "white wash" effect. I have never done this before so I am pretty surprised.
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