Mint Desk

Hello everyone! So for the longest time I have been wanting a mint green desk. I wanted something fun and shiny so I went for it. I am new at this whole thing and I usually stain things or just paint it either white or black so this was pretty fun. 

I bought this desk because I went on a whim and decided I needed a study area. Let's just say it turned into a folding table for laundry.
This is after one coat of primer. Usually, when I do a project I sand the piece before I start messing with it. This not only was my first colorful project but  my first non-sanding project since the piece is laminate. I got brave, the internet said I could do it and of course we all know the internet does not lie (see what I did there? ha!) For the most part, not sanding it first was not that  bad, but it did get a little worse. 

 After 2 coats of the Bullseye - 1-2-3 Plus Primer.


The hardest part was picking the color. Everything was way too mint, too green or too blue. I finally decided to go with a $3 sample and it turned out to be the perfect color.

After very lightly sanding the primer and one layer of paint later. When I sanded the primer it started to just peel off!! I instantly regretted my decision to not sand but I just put another coat of primer on it and it turned out great. 

Excuse the bad cell phone pictures but my camera totally gave out on me. It took about 3 coats of paint to achieve the color I wanted and I am in love. I kept the hardware because I was really in love with it, all I did was paint it gold with some spray paint I bought at the dollar store. 

I sealed it with regular poly because I am not going to lie, if you even rubbed it hard enough the paint would chip a little. I have had it for about a month now and it has really held up. No chips or scratches to report and it has now been upgraded from a folding table to an over sized coffee table. 

I was so over the painting and since we were already on the fun train, I decided to do do the same for the drawers. Decoupage. Yep, you read that right. I've never done it before but after watching an episode of "Flea Market Flip" I got brave again. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some "burlap" print paper. I needed something that I was not really going to need to match up the edges too much since it was my first time. I ended up using 10 sheets on both drawers (I messed up a lot). For it being my first time I don't think I did too bad. 
Using a foam brush I put a little bit of Mod-Podge on the drawer and then brushed a little on the back of the paper. I put the paper down on the drawer smoothed it out with an old membership card and then brushed another layer of glue on top. I just kept repeating and I also made sure to cut the pieces before I put them down. 

In the end I am very happy with the finished piece. I've been using it and putting it through a beating and it has help up good. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading. 

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